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The Arts Department at La Casa Encendida organises a broad programme of exhibitions, performing arts events, audiovisuals, activities related to literature and philosophy, and workshops and talks, all with the goal of showcasing the new values of contemporary creativity and making them available to the general public. The mission of the Arts Department is to monitor the latest trends and examine the current state of affairs from a critical perspective, with an emphasis on experimentation, reflection, multidisciplinarity and new formats of presentation and production. The department rounds out its services with creative labs, production centres where users are given the tools they need to undertake different types of creative projects.

Primera Persona Madrid 2017

La Casa Encendida welcomes the second edition of Primera Persona Madrid, while the same festival celebrates its sixth anniversary at the CCCB in Barcelona.

  • 12 May
    Carlos Zanón and Juan Pablo Villalobos
    Concerts, Literature, Talks Carlos Zanón and Juan Pablo Villalobos

    In Primera Persona, the two writers will reflect on the sacking of personal memories and the mutation (…)

    Price: 10.00 €
  • 12 May
    Jon Savage
    Literature, Talks Jon Savage

    The British music historian and critic will tell us more about his latest publications.

    Price: 10.00 €
  • 12 May
    Joe Pernice
    Concerts, Literature, Talks Joe Pernice

    American author Joe Pernice will tell us about his latest book, It Feels So Good When I Stop, and (…)

    Price: 10.00 €
  • 13 May
    Jonathan Coe
    Literature, Talks Jonathan Coe

    This year, Madrid audiences will have the rare opportunity to hear one of the most inspired and (…)

    Price: 10.00 €
  • 13 May
    Kate Bolick
    Literature, Talks Kate Bolick

    New York author Kate Bolick will share the stage with Silvia Nanclares, an enthusiastic and respected (…)

    Price: 10.00 €
  • 13 May
    Ana Curra
    Literature, Talks Ana Curra

    The artist and musician Ana Curra and the writer and visual artist Alicia Kopf will share their (…)

    Price: 10.00 €
Unalmés From 23 February to 17 June

From February to June, La Casa Encendida offers a programme of performances—one each month—for audiences of all ages and types, featuring pieces by different artists who work to develop contemporary performing arts languages.

(Anti)Heroic Contemporary Film From 08 April to 28 May
(Anti)Heroic Contemporary Film

Who are the new heroes of contemporary arthouse cinema? During the months of April and May, La Casa Encendida presents a double film cycle featuring epic tales and survival stories of everyday life, where our outsider superheroes combat the invisible villains of loneliness and alienation.

Cinephilia I'm Melting From 01 February to 28 June
Cinephilia I'm Melting

A new monthly cycle of films about movies and movie-makers that aims to recycle, reshape or reinterpret the history of the seventh art from a contemporary perspective.