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The Arts Department at La Casa Encendida organises a broad programme of exhibitions, performing arts events, audiovisuals, activities related to literature and philosophy, and workshops and talks, all with the goal of showcasing the new values of contemporary creativity and making them available to the general public. The mission of the Arts Department is to monitor the latest trends and examine the current state of affairs from a critical perspective, with an emphasis on experimentation, reflection, multidisciplinarity and new formats of presentation and production. The department rounds out its services with creative labs, production centres where users are given the tools they need to undertake different types of creative projects.

Acento. Muestra del programa Artistas en residencia 2016

Acento es un programa vinculado a Artistas en residencia, la convocatoria compartida por La Casa Encendida y el CA2M cuyo fin es apoyar la creación y la investigación centradas en el cuerpo desde lo performativo.