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Humus Revolution 2017 From 24 to 26 March
Humus Revolution 2017

Three days of participatory fun to discover the agro-urban universe of our cities. A grassroots revolution has sprouted in Madrid thanks to urban agriculture. Residents have reclaimed abandoned lots and turned them into places for gathering, learning, creating and changing their world. Community gardens have bloomed and pollinated the city.

Contemporary (Anti)War Film From 04 to 26 March
Contemporary (Anti)War Film

In March, La Casa Encendida takes a closer look at the most disturbing side of war through four non-fiction films that capture the daily reality of victims and the consequences of armed conflicts in Asia and the Middle East.

Cinephilia I'm Melting From 01 February to 28 June
Cinephilia I'm Melting

A new monthly cycle of films about movies and movie-makers that aims to recycle, reshape or reinterpret the history of the seventh art from a contemporary perspective.


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