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Generación 2020

Generación 2020

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Generación 2020

From 07 March to 22 April 2019

Fundación Montemadrid is pleased to present the rules for participating in the latest edition of the Generaciones competition, which since the year 2000 has offered an annual showcase of the different creative channels being explored by young artists living in Spain.

Generaciones was born of a determination to promote and give artists the tools they need to produce and publicise their work. Its primary purpose is to provide a platform devoted to contemporary art where they can exhibit their work and share their ideas with art critics and the general public.

Fundación Montemadrid offers young artists (35 and under) the chance to develop an extensive project, which may be finished or in progress, allowing jury members to evaluate their creative processes. The result is an exhibition featuring the eight winning projects of Generación 2020, which will be presented next February at La Casa Encendida.