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Humus Film Fest 2020

1 October - 20 May
© cegaru
© cegaru
Urban gardens have become one of the most creative and innovative inner-city experiences, and they’re here to stay.

We thought that the best way to discover the urban garden experiences taking root in cities across the globe was a short film festival, with a vibrant mix of the hedonistic atmosphere of these green spaces, their most creative and innovative aspects, and their spirit of activism.

The Humus Film Fest is Spain’s first short film festival dedicated to the theme of “urban gardens and city”.

This festival welcomes all perspectives and approaches to urban agriculture, whether amateur or professional, from surrealist or poetic visions to more humorous or realistic scenarios.

You've got three and half minutes to tell a story that connects these two ecosystems in one of four different categories:

  • Fantasy: This is the category for your sci-fi, horror, animated and futuristic stories. It's the place to tell tales not even you would believe, to attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion... or not.
  • Art Film: Filmmakers, this is your niche. Here we will include shorts that explore the urban garden-city connection from a more personal perspective, the most poetic or surrealist visions of these spaces… Yes, even if no one but you will understand the film, there's a spot for it here.
  • Comedy: This category is open to any short film with heavy doses of laughter, irony or humour.
  • Documentary: If you want to tell the story of your urban garden, show how it's connected to your neighbourhood, explain the ways it benefits a community, or document the wildlife that frequents your patch, then this is the category for you.


Shorts may be submitted between Tuesday, 1 October 2019, and 12 am (midnight) on Sunday, 8 March, 2020, Central European Time.

Registration and submission

To participate in the fourth short film festival, you must complete the registration form and send it to with the following attachments:

  • Registration form (PDF)
  • Still from the short: .jpg file (400 Kb max.) with a 1000 x 570 pixel image that does not contain the film title (not the opening frame) or printed subtitles.

For video files larger than 20 Mb, we recommend using the file-sharing platform to send it to the email address provided in the first paragraph of this section.

Competition rules & regulations (PDF)

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