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Humus Film Fest 2022

7 March - 26 September
© 2022
© 2022
Cinema is a wonderful window onto other realities, and at Humus Film Fest, the garden and city shorts festival, we offer everyone—novices, buffs or pros—a chance to share their vision of the ties between agriculture and the city.

This festival welcomes all perspectives and approaches to urban agriculture, whether amateur or professional, from surrealist or poetic visions to more humorous or realistic scenarios.

You've got four and half minutes to tell a story that connects these two ecosystems in one of four different categories:

  • Fantasy: This is the category for your sci-fi, horror, animated and futuristic stories. It's the place to tell tales not even you would believe, to attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion... or not.
  • Art Film: Filmmakers, this one's for you. Here we will include shorts that explore the kitchen garden-city connection from a more personal perspective: the most poetic or surrealist visions of these inner-city oases. Yes, even if no one but you will understand the film, there's a spot for it here.
  • Comedy: This category is open to shorts with heavy doses of laughter, irony or humour. Anything from a musical to a story with hilarious dialogue à la Allen (as in Woody, not the Ikea hex key).
  • Documentary: The perfect opportunity for collectives, institutions or foundations to tell us about their urban agroecology projects.


Shorts may be submitted between 7 March and 26 September 2022 at 12 am (midnight), Central European Time.

To register and submit shorts, please see the competition rules. Entering the competition implies the acceptance of these rules.

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  • Ficha de inscripción (pdf, 9.73 KB)


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