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Inéditos 2021

Inéditos 2021

Inéditos 2016. Deshaciendo texto. Comisaria: Irina Mutt

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Inéditos 2021

From 12 June to 09 September 2020

We want to host your exhibition!

Once again this year, we’re inviting young Spaniards and foreign residents in Spain under age 35 to submit ideas for brand-new exhibition projects about any facet of contemporary artistic creation that stand out by virtue of their originality, quality and feasibility in light of available resources.

Be a part of one of the leading programmes for young art in Spain.

We’re offering two cash prizes of €3,000, plus a budget allocation of €25,000 for each project to produce the exhibitions at La Casa Encendida in 2021.

The Inéditos competition has been organised annually since 2002. With Inéditos 2021, we again rise to the challenge of giving new curators a professional boost, confirming the programme’s status as one of the leading initiatives that support and promote young artistic talent.

Participants in past editions of Inéditos include artists, researchers, educators, managers, cultural producers and independent curators who have since risen to national and international prominence.

In addition to producing the exhibition, we will publish a catalogue with the winning projects.

  • 22 October 2020
    Winners of Inéditos 2021

    Contemplar una superficie inestable [Contemplating an Unstable Surface], a show where choreography, performance, cinema and the visual arts converge, and Pasados-presentes para un contexto afectivo [Pasts-Presents for an Emotional Context], which approaches architecture as a social situation, are the winning projects of Inéditos 2021, the Fundación Montemadrid grant competition for exhibitions (…)