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Inéditos 2023

Inéditos 2023

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Inéditos 2023

From 26 May to 06 September 2022

We want to host your exhibition!

La Casa Encendida de Fundación Montemadrid is pleased to announce Inéditos 2023, the competition where young (35 and under) Spanish or foreign curators residing in Spain are invited to submit ideas for brand new exhibition projects about any facet of contemporary artistic creation that stand out by virtue of their originality, quality and feasibility in light of available resources.

We're offering two cash prizes of €3,000, plus a budget allocation of €25,000 for each project to produce the exhibition at La Casa Encendida in 2023. We’ll also publish a catalogue with the winning projects.

The Inéditos competition has been organised annually since 2002 with the aim of giving new curators a professional boost. Over the last 22 years it has become a leading showcase for young curators in Spain and one of the top programmes dedicated to supporting and promoting young artistic talent.