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28 May 2020

Puchi Award Winner 2020

The winning project of Puchi Award 2020 is Rosie in the Jungle, by Nathan Cowdry (Brighton, 1990).

Rosie in the Jungle is a graphic novel that gives new life to the most counter-cultural current in the medium, exploring its moral limits and mocking a good number of cultural, social, generational and even post-colonial conventions to emerge as a new classic.

Leaning on manga aesthetics such as romakome and ecchi, Nathan Cowdry reviews the concepts of the cute and the perverse in popular culture to bring to life characters that are hard to forget. Cowdry builds a millimeter fiction from an unorthodox foundation, with undoubted mastery, both from the plastic point of view and in his peculiar sense of the narrative structure, which incorporates flashbacks and opportune subplots together with furtive reflections on the most diverse topics, without never lose sight of the point: the disturbing game between the natural and the moral.

The winning project will be published next Fall 2020, coinciding with the award ceremony, held at La Casa Encendida.

Jury 2020:

  • Carlos Pardo: poet, novelist, literary critic and cultural agent.
  • Ami Evelyn Hughes: artist, editor, and art director.
  • Leticia Ybarra: head of the Literature and Thought Department of La Casa Encendida.
  • César Sánchez: editorial director of Fulgencio Pimentel.

Nathan Cowdry was born in Brighton in 1990. After graduating from Arts University Bournemouth in 2015, he has participated in many art, comic and illustration festivals and residences, and since 2016 has focused on self-publishing his own comic books. Apart from his work as a landscape gardener, he has worked as an illustrator and comic artist for many clients such as FHM UK, COMIC MeDu, Japan and VICE, and he also contributes regularly to NOW Anthology series.

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