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From 12 to 20 November 2019

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

AFRICA on! is a pioneering cultural initiative in Spain that aims to combine academic research on the realities of the African continent with a showcase of the artistic expressions of Africa and the African diaspora.

AFRICA on! is a space for activating and connecting art and research. Each season, AFRICA on! activates a different artistic discipline, exploring African realities from a creative perspective.

This first autumn edition of AFRICA on! focuses on film. The cycle’s programme, with a strong feminist component, will feature films by female African directors whose work addresses themes that affect different aspects of women’s lives in various locations across the continent. Three films, three directors, three moderators, one female singer-songwriter and one journalist—all women—will kick off this first action-packed edition.
Coordinating activities behind the scenes are university lecturers and professionals dedicated to research, journalism, cultural management and social communication, all working towards one goal: to offer an interesting, informative, critical portrait of contemporary African realities and create opportunities for participatory debates on the subject. The aim is to approach the African continent from a creative point of view and examine African realities through intellectual reflection and consideration of its diverse artistic expressions.

Academic research and artistic promotion are the cornerstones of this event, where art and thought converge to create an AFRICA on! for every season.

During the month of November, we will screen three films, each followed by a talk, and conclude the cycle with a concert.

Coordinated by: the African Studies Group (GEA) at the Autonomous University of Madrid and Wiriko, an association specialised in promoting contemporary African arts and cultures

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