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From 06 November to 18 December 2020

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

This new offering from La Casa Encendida features a series of cutting-edge electronic concerts centred around styles that invite active deep listening and immerse us in unpredictable sound experiences and adventures. Whether relaxing, exciting, hypnotic or moving, they're sure to strike a chord.

Patricia Escudero and Luis Delgado start the ball rolling with their unique tribute to Satie, a classical composer widely regarded as the forerunner to ambient, from an electronic perspective. Pragma (Italy) takes us on an aural journey through cosmic arpeggios, drones and tribal rhythms. Territoire (Olivier Arson, acclaimed author of soundtracks and Goya winner) will treat us to the first live performance of tracks from his upcoming album: a journey to the depths through drones and subwoofers. Lucius Works Here (Shak Benavides) presents her third and latest album in Madrid, Detenido en el Tiempo. Inspired by the sounds and avant-garde composers of the 19th century, she creates an evocative style of music midway between minimalism and experimental ambient. Juan Manuel Cidrón, the indisputable leading exponent in Spain of original cosmic music, in the style of its Berlin School creators and pioneers, brings us his latest work as well as tracks from the new project by Vértice, the trio he forms with two of Italy's most highly acclaimed musicians: Maurizio Bianchi and Saverio Evangelista (Esplendor Geométrico). As part of Audioactivity we'll also have the chance to enjoy music by Félicia Atkinson (France), a sublime combination of deep listening, poetry and ambient. And to round off the programme, Eva Geist (Italy) invites us to join her on a musical cinematographic journey through whimsical melodies, arpeggios and warm ambient rhythms impregnated with space disco.

Cycle curated by Andrés Noarbe.

Activities Cycle Audioactivity Open/close Cycle
  • 06 November 2020
    Patricia Escudero & Luis Delgado
    La Casa On, Concerts Patricia Escudero & Luis Delgado

    More than three decades after releasing their Satie Sonneries vinyl dedicated to the work of Erik Satie, and coinciding (…)

  • 13 November 2020
    La Casa On, Concerts Pragma

    Pragma is the latest musical incarnation of the indomitable experimental spirit of TeZ (aka Maurizio Martinucci), the (…)

  • 20 November 2020
    La Casa On, Concerts Territoire

    In constant motion and without a stable form, Territoire is the personal project of composer and producer Olivier Arson (…)

  • 27 November 2020
    Lucius Works Here
    La Casa On, Concerts Lucius Works Here

    Shak Benavides, a leading figure on the Barcelona underground scene since the 1990s, has been deejaying at festivals (…)

  • 04 December 2020
    Juan Manuel Cidrón
    La Casa On, Concerts Juan Manuel Cidrón

    In this journey through sound that takes us to other worlds, Cidrón presents tracks from his latest solo album as well (…)

  • 11 December 2020
    Félicia Atkinson
    La Casa On, Concerts Félicia Atkinson

    The French poet and composer offers a concert centred around improvisation, science fiction, deep listening, cut-ups, (…)

  • 11 December 2020
    Boris Divider - A/V Live (Artificial Domain)
    La Casa On, Concerts Boris Divider - A/V Live (Artificial Domain)

    Boris Divider is the alias of Boris Sáez, who will offer an exclusive audiovisual live performance constructed out of (…)

  • 18 December 2020
    Eva Geist
    La Casa On, Concerts Eva Geist

    Her music is synonymous with experimentation and risk; an invitation to take a musical cinematographic journey through (…)

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