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Binary Sounds


Binary Sounds

25 May 2019

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

For one day, the Courtyard at La Casa Encendida will be transformed into a temporary radio studio sending out live broadcasts by some of the world’s best online music stations, with special guest artists and free admission for all. Binary Sounds is Spain's first digital music radio event.

Fibre optics have replaced FM technology and audiences are growing exponentially, overcoming the limitations of airwaves and physical borders. Binary Sounds presents a selection of collective radio projects launched by artists and associations that are bringing freshness and diversity to internet radio broadcasts across the globe.

From the UK, we’ll have the musical selections of Global Roots, one of the most popular shows on Worldwide FM, the internet radio station founded in London by veteran DJ Gilles Peterson; hailing from Portugal, Peekaboo Jams will introduce us to the beats playing in Lisbon’s hottest clubs, as part of the Portuguese East Side Radio. Broadcasting from the Literary Quarter, Radio Relativa is a young station that lets listeners round the world tune in to what’s happening on the Madrid music and culture scene. The cult show Nice Strangers Explora will temporarily leave the Radio Raheem studio in downtown Milan to play the catalogue of the record label chosen by Silvia Mal, the show’s creator and host, for us at La Casa Encendida. dublab, the pioneering LA-based radio, is represented by some members of its Barcelona branch dublab.es. Their show Latitudes will focus on the work of local musicians and producers that are at the same time, regular hosts at the station. One of the youngest projects is Radio Primavera Sound, where Flaca and Rocío (CHICA) host Pal’Piso, a show that broadcasts and analyses the urban music scene.

Special guests Thris Tian (Global Roots/Worldwide FM), Marco Aimo (Radio Raheem) and Carles Yagüez (dublab.es) will also participate in a round table moderated by DJ Javi Bayo, curator of Binary Sounds, "WIFI killed/saved the radio star", and the workshop "A ritmo de app” (App Beat) for younger audiences.

Curated by Javi Bayo

Activities Cycle Binary Sounds Open/close Cycle
  • 25 May 2019
    Cocido Completo (Radio Relativa)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Cocido Completo (Radio Relativa)

    This show, developed especially for Binary Sounds, will reflect on and discuss the radio station and its contributions (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Peekaboo Jams (East Side Radio)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Peekaboo Jams (East Side Radio)

    Trol2000, the artistic alias of Rodrigo Alves, is in charge of this show, which airs regularly on East Side Radio every (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    WiFi Killed/Saved the Radio Star
    Concerts, Talks WiFi Killed/Saved the Radio Star

    How and why do new internet radio projects appear? What is the radio of the 21st century really like? How does it (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Pal' Piso (Radio Primavera Sound)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Pal' Piso (Radio Primavera Sound)

    Rascally DJ Flaca and Rocío (CHICA) bring you the hottest segment on Radio Primavera Sound (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Nice Strangers Explora (Radio Raheem)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Nice Strangers Explora (Radio Raheem)

    Broadcast on the Italian station Radio Raheem and hosted by Silvia Mal, this show is dedicated to discovering indie (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Latitudes (Dublab)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Latitudes (Dublab)

    An hour-long show featuring musical productions related to the station’s collaborators that illustrate the richness (…)

  • 25 May 2019
    Global Roots (Worldwide FM)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Global Roots (Worldwide FM)

    This show’s weekly segment on Worldwide FM is a dose of experimental and underground music from every corner of the (…)

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