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Irantzu Varela + IRA

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Irantzu Varela + IRA


09 June 2019

08:00 pm - 10:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


Princesses and Darthvaders 2019

We’ll wrap things up on Sunday with the gritty political humour of activist Irantzu Varela, an uncontrollable whirlwind of irreverence and transgression, in her first stand-up comedy act created especially for the occasion. She will be followed on stage by IRA, the bright hope of feminist rap, whose inflammatory rhymes will bring the festival to a close.

Known for her feminist and political activism, Irantzu Varela also has one foot firmly planted in gritty comedy. Drawing on her experience of networks and life, Varela will talk about condescending señoros and mansplainers, fascism, romantic love and rebellion as smoothly as she mixes her martini—extra dry and with two olives, thank you very much.

This Basque feminist journalist, whose mother and grandmother worked in the sardine industry, discovered class and gender consciousness simultaneously, so she can't imagine one without the other. She coordinates Faktoria Lila, a space for feminist education and creativity. She hosts the feminist micro-spot “El Tornillo”, a big hit on social media, and the phone-in show “Aló Irantzu”. She writes, talks and gives her opinion in media that let her speak her mind. She directed the documentary El Nunca Me Pegó. Lately she’s become a comedian. Her first stand-up routine, “Feminazi se nace”, won't be her last.

IRA, the quartet formed by four female rappers from the Madrid neighbourhood of Vallecas—Elvirus, Sátira, Medea and Raissa—was the underground’s best-kept secret until their single  “Mantenlo patriarcal” put them on the musical radar in 2017. After participating in the documentary film Quinqui Stars, directed by Juan Vicente Córdoba, and with their new album Rap Save The Queen (self-released, 2018), they’re taking the stage to spread a message which they hope will help to transform society. And remember: “This is rap, not female rap, just rap, whether you buggers like it or not.”

Activities Festival Princesses and Darthvaders 2019 From 07 to 09 June 2019 Open/close festival
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