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Nice Strangers Explora (Radio Raheem)

Concerts, Radio, Talks

Nice Strangers Explora (Radio Raheem)

25 May

06:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2


Binary Sounds

Broadcast on the Italian station Radio Raheem and hosted by Silvia Mal, this show is dedicated to discovering indie labels from around the world.

The segment features different musical styles, with an emphasis on experimental sounds, electronic, left-field and production music, and ethnic rhythms, and regularly includes interviews and special guests. In recent months, it has hosted monographic shows devoted to record labels like Kraak, Artetetra, Music From Memory, RVNG Intl., Opal Tapes and Boring Machines.

Activities Cycle Binary Sounds 25 May Open/close cycle
  • 25 May
    Cocido Completo (Radio Relativa)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Cocido Completo (Radio Relativa)

    This show, developed especially for Binary Sounds, will reflect on and discuss the radio station and (…)

  • 25 May
    Peekaboo Jams (East Side Radio)
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    Trol2000, the artistic alias of Rodrigo Alves, is in charge of this show, which airs regularly on (…)

  • 25 May
    WiFi Killed/Saved the Radio Star
    Concerts, Talks WiFi Killed/Saved the Radio Star

    How and why do new internet radio projects appear? What is the radio of the 21st century really like? (…)

  • 25 May
    Pal' Piso (Radio Primavera Sound)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Pal' Piso (Radio Primavera Sound)

    Rascally DJ Flaca and Rocío (CHICA) bring you the hottest segment on Radio Primavera Sound (…)

  • 25 May
    Latitudes (Dublab)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Latitudes (Dublab)

    An hour-long show featuring musical productions related to the station’s collaborators that (…)

  • 25 May
    Global Roots (Worldwide FM)
    Concerts, Radio, Talks Global Roots (Worldwide FM)

    This show’s weekly segment on Worldwide FM is a dose of experimental and underground music from (…)

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