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Puwerty 2019


Puwerty 2019

28 September 2019

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

As the new academic year begins, La Casa Encendida’s creative youth festival returns for its third edition. The “Power and Puberty” slogan still sums up the essence of Puwerty, where creative talents under age 26 working in virtually every artistic discipline will come together for a unique event.

This day-and-night festival aspires to showcase the work of young creative talents in different areas of the contemporary, musical, audiovisual or performing arts.

Puwerty 2019 kicks off with two creative workshops. Marta Altieri will show participants how to create a digital comic book, while Inés Cardó will explore individual identity through collage. Identity remains the central theme of the festival’s daytime segment, Puwerty Día, a concept which for digital natives necessarily includes the identities they create in the virtual world. Under the guidance of Laura Nadeszhda, Rebe and Zazi White will reflect on the dangers and merits of these virtual alter egos.

Rebe will likewise provide musical entertainment for the first part of the festival, while Manuel Alba, winner of the Bandeja de Entrada [Inbox] competition, will literally build a reflection on suburban culture. Even the way Puwerty “consumers” choose their “products” will have a virtual component this year: festivalgoers will be presented with a list of TCM options and asked to pick which film they want to see in the cinema at La Casa Encendida.

When night falls and Puwerty Noche takes over, cyberspace will take tangible form in the Courtyard. The concerts of Luna Ki and Rojuu will fill La Casa Encendida with the most urban sounds born in the depths of the internet.

The entire Puwerty festival will be covered by Bam Bam, the radio and music workshop project of La Casa Encendida and Colectivo CHICA, which aims to shine a spotlight on the presence of women and members of the LGBTQI+ community in music.

The graphic identity of this year’s Puwerty festival was created with the collaboration of the IED Madrid School of Visual Communication. The final project is the work of Camila Andrea Viñuela Cox, Julia Santos Artero and Julia Soules Omarini.

Curated by: Ángel Aranda and María del Río

With the collaboration of the IED Madrid School of Visual Communication

Activities Festival Puwerty 2019 Open/close Festival
  • 28 September 2019
    Puwerty Día
    Concerts, Films, Screenings, Talks Puwerty Día

    In Puwerty Día, the daytime segment, identity and the virtual will intertwine in creative workshops led by Inés (…)

  • 28 September 2019
    Puwerty Noche
    Concerts Puwerty Noche

    In 2019, we’ll learn that the urban doesn’t just come from the street (…)

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