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Shared listening session


Shared listening session

24 April 2018

08:00 pm - 11:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Room E

A DJ session where listening is treated as a group experience and audio immersion is an introspective rather than evasive exercise

“What our music, I think, represents is a weird perspective of this space right now. It’s like a re-evaluation of yourself in your space, rather than escapism.” Ocean of Sound by David Toop.

The members of a_mal_gam_a, Diskoan and Josephine, founders of the Avalovara listening club, propose a tour of horizontal music from different places with transversality as the starting point. Our third guest spinner will be Juan Vacas, a member of the Real No Real and 209 collectives and the Unlocked Youth platform.

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