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"SPECIATION", by BARE-TT (Katia Barrett & Melissa Tun Tun)

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"SPECIATION", by BARE-TT (Katia Barrett & Melissa Tun Tun)

18 May 2019

09:30 pm - 10:30 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Room A

Gelatine 2019

An experimental sound performance that revels in potential of the continual dismantling of humanity's manifest image. SPECIATION takes inspiration from regenerative biological processes; horizontal gene transfer, symbiotic relations, alien morphologies and the possibility of becoming vegetal.

BARE-TT (Katia Barrett & Melissa Tun Tun) was formed in 2016 as a duo that exists at the intersection of computer music and live electronics. In this occasion, through their sound work merging warped field recordings with altered voices, drum machines and synths – they aim at creating a soundscape which oscillates between the micro and the macro. Together with music and video projections, BARE-TT narrates the possibilities of a symbiotic regeneration, attuned to (organic) processes of metamorphosis.

Katia Barrett is a Paris based artist who completed her MA at the dutch art Institute. Her current research and practice deals with the spatial organisation of biological systems. She is currently working on a mechanical patterning system in jellyfish to question our basic understanding of how an organism builds itself. Whilst currently working in laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes for the time being; previous shows include What Hope looks like after Hope (On constructive Alienation) at Homeworks 7 in Beirut (2015) and Prometheanism 2.0 at a symposium at the Dutch Art Institute in the Netherlands (2016).

Melissa Tun Tun is a performance artist based in Switzerland. As part of a discursive approach, her work stages intimate situations which playfully and subversively question one's sense of agency. Her method involves organizational work and interdisciplinary collaborations which often result in context-specific projects. Since 2016, she has developed a sonic practice exploring the politics of listening and matter, life and sound linkage. As a solo project, she performs and composes experimental music under the name of SD S (Sanda Stance). Recently, Melissa Tun Tun has been a resident at the U-jazdowski Castle for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, presented her work SF Biophony: Hope for a better partitioning at the Centre d’Art Contemporain of Geneva and has co-written the play VITAL premiered in 2019 at the TU-Théâtre de l’Usine in Geneva.

Activities Festival Gelatine 2019 From 16 to 18 May 2019 Open/close festival

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