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'Fotopalabra: juegos, actos y gestos', by Jonathas de Andrade

Jonathas de Andrade

Course, Photography

'Fotopalabra: juegos, actos y gestos', by Jonathas de Andrade

From 29 to 30 September 2022

Thursday and Friday:
11:00 am - 02:00 pm

La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia, 2

Mayores de 18 años


From 22 July to 29 September


(Inscripción cerrada)

ÍDEM 2022. International Performing Arts Festival

Can a system of words and images tell our own story? In Fotopalabra: juegos, actos y gestos [PhotoWord: Games, Acts and Gestures], based on his Educação para adultos project, Brazilian artist Jonathas de Andrade invites participants to think about how to create a narrative on panel with photographs of themselves or not, that they have taken or not, with a collective personal or local perspective.

The Brazilian artist’s practice is deeply influenced by Paulo Freire's radical ideas about pedagogy and Augusto Boal’s theories about the power of embodied experience. In this workshop, he will present examples of his photography and film projects in which collaborations with social groups and other people offer inspiring perspectives about the idea of play, narrative, desire, tradition, urban space, and the blurring of fiction and documentary.

Workshop structure:

  • Individual presentations
  • Projects by Jonathas de Andrades: photos and words
  • Educação para adultos: about Paulo Freire, education, encyclopaedia of words
  • The Hangover: archive, photographs, journal, sleep, city
  • Jogos dirigidos [Directed Games] and Olho da Rua [Out Loud]: about Augusto Boal and the power of putting your own story on the stage
  • O peixe [The Fish] and O levante [Uprising]: collaborations with groups and the boundary between fiction and reality
  • Individual exercises: each participant will edit the images they have brought to the workshop
  • General presentation and conclusion

Each participant must bring a selection of 20 to 50 photographs that may be of themselves or not and which they have taken or not.

The workshop is one of the events of the 2022 ÍDEM Festival, which also includes the first showing in Spain of the Brazilian artist's video installation Olho da Rua. Filmed in just two days and featuring a hundred homeless people, the audiovisual piece offers a powerful testimony of contemporary Brazil, with its rich multiculturalism and structural inequalities.

Led by: Jonathas de Andrade, a Brazilian artist who works with photography, film and installation. His projects revisit the limits of official history and human contradictions through collaborations that blur the boundary between documentary and fiction, articulating complex hybrid structures that straddle social comment and desire. His works form part of the collections of institutions like the Reina Sofía in Madrid and the MoMA in NYC. In 2022 he presented a new project in the Brazilian pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale.


  • Workshop: 29 and 30 September from 11 am to 2 pm in the LCE classrooms.
  • Encounter with the author: 30 September from 7 to 8 pm in Tower 1 at LCE. The artist proposes an encounter with the public to talk about Olho da Rua and show some of his other projects. Free admission on a first come, first served basis.

Target audience: students, artists, filmmakers, writers, photographers.

Duration: 6 hours

You must attend the full workshop to get an attendance and achievement certificate.

Activities Festival ÍDEM 2022. International Performing Arts Festival From 10 September to 31 October 2022 Open/close festival

Information on booking

Medios de Pago: Visa-MasterCard

Además de la inscripción online, también puedes hacerlo de manera presencial en el Punto de Información: de martes a viernes de 10:00 a 21:00, y fines de semana de 10:00 a 19:00 h.

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