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Culture Today, Future Tomorrow

Culture Today, Future Tomorrow

La Casa Encendida has transformed its facade to support the culture industry, hit hard by the health crisis, with the message “Culture Today, Future Tomorrow”, an intervention by artist Anastasia Bengoechea (Monstruo Espagueti) that expresses the Fundación Montemadrid venue’s public defence of culture as an essential commodity which allows us to imagine possible futures but will only have a future if we support, nourish and practise it today.

This action is the latest show of La Casa Encendida’s unswerving support for the arts since the beginning of the pandemic, during which it has continued its scheduled programme by creating the virtual platform La Casa On. The intervention of the building facade is accompanied by posters distributed throughout the city of Madrid.

Adapting to global changes and anticipating new social and cultural needs is one of the greatest challenges now faced by La Casa Encendida, which since July has been offering a hybrid online and offline programme of activities that complies with all health and hygiene measures recommended by the authorities. The institution’s efforts to remain active have been motivated by its sense of responsibility as a social and cultural centre, striving to reinvent a programme intended for a physical venue and adapt it to other formats in order to mitigate, as much as possible, the negative effects of the crisis on the audiences, artists, collaborators, curators, programmers, teachers and social workers that make up the fabric of La Casa Encendida.