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Environmental Policy

Aware of its environmental responsibility and the potential effects of its activities on the environment, La Casa Encendida undertakes to continuously improve and prevent pollution by implementing and maintaining an environmental management system within the parameters set out in this environmental policy.

The adoption of this policy guarantees compliance with all EU, national, regional and local laws and any other requirements that may apply as a result of the centre’s own corporate strategies or its decision to sign and adhere to specific conventions, protocols or other standards.

This commitment includes a determination to go above and beyond legal compliance, using the best available methods and supplying all necessary resources whenever possible.

Consequently, La Casa Encendida has expressed its commitment to prevent pollution not only by implementing an internal system to minimise the impact of its facilities and activities, but also by incorporating environmental criteria in its actions.

Therefore, La Casa Encendida pledges to protect the environment by making pollution prevention a fundamental corporate principle, thanks to an internal system that minimises the environmental impact of its facilities and activities; additionally, it pledges to take active measures to ensure the efficient use of resources and circular economy, protect the environment through studies and initiatives that aim to reduce its carbon footprint, and improve its impact through projects and programmes related to sustainable mobility.

La Casa Encendida exerts a proactive and positive influence on the conduct of its stakeholders and principal suppliers and contractors, promoting environmental responsibility in their actions.

This proactive approach is reinforced by its participation in the development of conservation and improvement projects and in environmental training and awareness-raising activities aimed at society. Of particular importance in this respect is its cooperation with environmental initiatives managed by both public and private entities and by companies in the industry or related to environmental improvement. This cooperation takes the form of publications, university forums, seminars, conferences, etc.

To put these general guidelines into practice and fulfil its commitment to continuous improvement, La Casa Encendida attaches particular importance to environmental training and awareness among the professionals in its employ and provides the most suitable and efficient resources to this end.

This environmental policy is published and distributed at every level and is made permanently available to the public in general and to its stakeholders in particular.

Madrid, 16 March 2020