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From 13 May to 30 August 2015


“ARSTRONOMY: Incursions into the Cosmos”

Room A, Room B, Room C, Room D, Room E

The exhibition ARSTRONOMY explores the cosmos from different perspectives—astral, spatial, scientific and ufological—and reflects on the impact that scientific research, space travel and science fiction have had on contemporary art through selected works by more than twenty Spanish and international artists.

Journeys into outer space, sci-fi and man’s lunar landings are themes found in 20th-century art that have often been a fundamental source of inspiration, confrontation, meditation and provocation. This collusion between science and imagination, where technology and fiction walk hand-in-hand, is what best defines the underlying concept of the ARSTRONOMY exhibition.

The show brings together different generations of artists from Spain and abroad who, since the 1950s, have investigated or interpreted countless astral, cosmic or scientific phenomena in order to produce artworks in which imagination, fantasy and creativity venture into the realms of outer space, politics, science and technology.

Curated by Danielle Tilkin, ARSTRONOMY explores different aspects of the cosmos through photographs, videos, paintings and sculptures by several generations of artists, including Alfonso Borragán, Pamela Breda, Michael Buthe, Robert Dimatteo, Evru, Laurent Grasso, Greatest Hits, Keith Haring, Susan Hiller, Mike Kelley, William Kentridge, Yves Klein, Július Koller, Gyula Kosice, Paul Laffoley, Robert Llimós, Abu Bakarr Mansaray, Isamu Noguchi, Tony Oursler, Trevor Paglen, Panamarenko, Sigmar Polke, Joan Rabascall, Rotraut, Thomas Ruff, Nicolas Schoffer, Bob Smith, Peter Stichbury, Thomas Struth, Ionel Talpazan, Marc Tansey, Paul van Hoeydonck, Angelo Vermeulen, Anton Vidokle, William Adjété Wilson and Michael Zansky.

Different activities will be organised in connection with the show.

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