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From 24 April to 02 June 2013


En Casa: Pía Camil and Guillermo Mora

Room A, Room B, Room C

Luisa Fuentes, curator of this year's En Casa programme, devised an exercise in the sedimentation of the Ibero-American cultural fabric that consisted in teaming up Spanish and Latin American artists to share ideas and working processes in a kind of "autonomous dialogue".

No to Trio A is the title of a collaborative project by Pía Camil (b. Mexico City, 1980) and Guillermo Mora (b. Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, 1980). Their point of departure was Yvonne Rainer's performance research piece entitled Trio A, whose conceptual origins can be traced back to the year 1965 and minimalist object-body postulates. This intervention materialises the tension that exists between sculpture and performance as a way of representing the "border zone" where the two disciplines meet. By constructing various itineraries that wend their way through La Casa Encendida, the two artists have developed a system based on the opposing force generated by two polar extremes.

Artistic pairs will start from the same premise to contrast points of view, share spatial and creative solutions, and reflect on the present through each person’s own language.

In addition to its sculptural materialisation, this collaborative project will include a session where the audience can meet and interact with the artists.

Mon. 6 May

  • 6:30–7:30 pm. Project presentation by the artists. Holding the Line: Encounter with Guillermo Mora and Pía Camil
  • 7:30–8 pm. Debate


Room 205

This encounter will coincide with the inauguration of En Casa 2013, a programme now in its second year, curated by Luisa Fuentes Guaza. The main purpose of this session is to explain the methodology used by Pía Camil and Guillermo Mora to create the intervention No to Trio A.

The working method of Pía Camil and Guillermo Mora was initially based on creating image maps that would serve to generate formal, symbolic and conceptual relationships for developing a project. The artists will explain this method to the audience and then open up the floor for debate.

Pía Camil investigates basic notions of architecture in order to destabilise relations generally associated with public-private dialectics. Her work has been exhibited at Bogotá Contemporary Art Fair, “23 de Janeiro" Ideal Demonstration Apartment at ART-RIO, MUSAC, Zona Maco Sur, Popo de París, Proyectos Ultravioleta, El 52 Gallery Space, Keith Talent Gallery, Slade School of Fine Art and other venues.

Guillermo Mora explores the overflow of painting into space. He has received numerous awards and grants, including the 2013 Generación Prize from Caja Madrid, a grant from the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, the Region of Madrid Visual Arts Production Grant, the Spanish Contemporary Art Promotion Grant awarded by the Ministry of Culture, and an honorary mention at the 10th ABC Art Awards. His work has been exhibited at La Casa Encendida, the Circuitos programme at Centro de Arte Joven (a youth art centre managed by the Regional Government of Madrid), and Matadero Madrid, and he has participated in contemporary art fairs such as ARCO (Madrid), MACO (Mexico City), VOLTA (Basel) with Galería Formato Cómodo, and FRIEZE (London) with Galería Casa Triângulo. He is represented by three galleries: Formato Cómodo in Madrid, Extraspazio in Rome, and Casa Triângulo in São Paulo.

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