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From 31 May to 22 September


Ceesepe: Modern Vices

Room D, Room E

This exhibition will revisit a very specific period in Ceesepe's production, primarily focused on the visual language of comics and cartoons.

The exhibition Modern Vices, curated by Elsa Fernández-Santos, revisits a very specific period in the production of Ceesepe (Carlos Sánchez Pérez, Madrid 1958-2018): the years between 1978 and 1983 when he created an entire body of imagery consisting of comics and cartoons. The comic book stall—La Cascorro Factory—that he ran at the Rastro flea market in Madrid with his friend the photographer, Alberto García Alix, marked the beginning of a unique language and counter-cultural scene in late-1970s Madrid, which also involved the artists El Hortelano, Ouka Leele and Montxo Algora.

Ceesepe's work draws on many of the iconic references in American comics and the stylised drawing that defined an entire era. The title of the show alludes to a comic strip he brought out himself before it was published by Star magazine.

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