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From 01 July to 13 September 2020


Dokoupil: The Rebellion Against Conceptualism

Room B, Room C

This exhibition presents selected works by artist Jiří Georg Dokoupil (Krnov, Czech Republic, 1954), who has been defying categorisation with his constantly mutating creative style from the 1980s to the present day.

The pieces in the show trace his transition from an initial plurality of styles, reacting to the frigidness of conceptual art, to his current creative freedom that aspires to dispense with the imperative of perpetual change.

A founding member of the Mülheimer Freiheit collective, Dokoupil has explored more than one hundred different artistic techniques and experimented with neo-expressionism, figuration and other avant-garde style. Therefore, he can only be described as a post-modern artist.

His constant investigation of pictorial procedures is reflected in his Soot Paintings and Whip Paintings, where he used a candle flame or a whip as a paintbrush to depict a wide variety of motifs, and in his incorporation of other unconventional materials such as liquid soap bubbles and rolling tyres.

Curator: Christian Domínguez

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