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From 07 July to 02 October


Eva Kot'átková

Room A

This is the third scene of the curatorial journey Fantastic Interior, where intimacy, the creative potential of solitude, the role of bodies in building communities, and the importance of self-care are manifested through the practice of four different artists over the course of the year.

The work of Eva Koťátková looks directly at the body's relationship with its environment and how imposed norms condition that relationship. Her art questions the structures that make up the system and the way these are used to symbolically construct subjects.

Video, installation, sculpture and performance are always present in her creations, generating spaces with a very specific time that allow the audience to experience her work from a more intimate sensuality.

For her project at La Casa Encendida, the artist has created a meeting place where the human and non-human coexist thanks to the construction of habitable structures designed to elicit empathy. These sculptural structures contain various elements with which visitors can interact, generally anthropomorphic forms made from different types of textiles.

In addition, the installation includes visual elements that create a peaceful atmosphere. Koťátková’s installations are also activated by workshops and performances in which text and representation work with the space to create a different temporality.

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