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From 01 February to 28 April 2019


Generación 2019

Room D, Room E

La Casa Encendida presents Generación 2019, an exhibition and competition organised by Fundación Montemadrid to promote young artists under the age of 35.

This year the halls of La Casa Encendida will host the eight projects by the winning artists: Saelia Aparicio (Ávila, 1982) with Prótesis para invertebrados; Ana Barriga (Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, 1984) with El taller de las Moscas; Mario Espliego (Guadalajara, 1983) with Gargantas cosidas, tobillos atados; Ana Garcia-Pineda (Barcelona, 1982) with Señores sentados haciendo rayas; Ignacio García Sánchez (Madrid, 1987) with Amaurot World’s Fair; Susanna Inglada (Tarragona, 1983) with Uñas y dientes; Raisa Maudit (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1986) with Una pequeña serenata fallida; and Lucía P. Moreno (Basel, Switzerland, 1982) with My Advice to Eva.

The curator of the show, Ignacio Cabrera, highlights the relationship between creation and theatre: "The irruption of this new formalisation of artworks, with their inherent theatrical quality and proximity to viewers, meant that artists tended to abandon the idea of conveying the essential, transcendental aspects that should form part of every artwork, encouraging instead a type of art that involved viewers directly, not with any intention to abstract them, but quite the opposite: with the aim of reaffirming their presence in this earthly world. Since then, theatricality has been one of the most salient characteristics of contemporary art, and its practice includes multiple cultural, political and social references that appeal both to emotion and reflection, to sensorial experience and analytical gaze".

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