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From 12 February to 11 April 2010


From I to J: A Tribute to John Berger by Isabel Coixet

Room D, Room E

From I to J is a tribute to John Berger, author of the seminal work From A to X which Coixet takes as her starting point. This cross-cutting project is an intersection of various contemporary creative disciplines—from literature and film to architecture and music—in a brand-new work that alters the autonomy of the arts and their inter-dependencies in order to change the rules of perception.

Berger has set the standard for literary practices that transcend genre boundaries. His collaborations with others (screenwriters, playwrights and critics) evidence a radical commitment to the creativity and mystery of art that matches the intensity of his commitment to the oppressed.

Some undated letters were found at an old prison in a nameless place. The letters of A (A'ida) and notes of X (Xavier) constitute the textual foundation on which Isabel Coixet has constructed this exhibition/action/installation in honour of John Berger. 

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