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From 30 May to 07 September 2014


Inéditos 2014 Exhibition: Learning to Fall

Room A, Room B, Room C

Learning to Fall, curated by Ángel Calvo Ulloa, features nine artists whose works explore the idea of falling, the moments leading up to the fall and its aftermath. The title underscores how these artists embrace the moment of the fall as an opportunity to investigate. We devote almost as much energy to learning to fall as we do to learning to walk.


Learning to Fall, curated by Ángel Calvo Ulloa, is a metaphor for knowing how to lose, for learning that coming down is just as important as going up. This idea undoubtedly has a bearing on our current situation, the reality that is our lot.

The aim of Learning to Fall is to draw perspective lines between the different artists' works, creating a space of experimentation among all of the pieces and their various formats where gravity is temporarily suspended and we can analyse the fleeting moment of the fall.

Artists: Mauro Cerqueira, Lois Patiño, Julia Spínola, Rodríguez-Méndez, Fran Meana, Emma Crichton, Ian Waelder, Ana Santos and Jeremiah Day.


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