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From 28 May to 19 September 2021


Inéditos 2021

Room D, Room E

La Casa Encendida de Fundación Montemadrid hosts the twentieth edition of Inéditos, featuring the exhibition projects of curators under the age of 35.

Inéditos is one of the few programmes that exists in Spain to help young curators to find their footing in the professional art world by offering the competition winners the chance to produce their first exhibition and publish an accompanying catalogue. La Casa Encendida has supported more than 50 emerging curators by contributing to the publication of catalogues and the dissemination of their work.

The two winning projects this year were selected by a jury made up of Elvira Dyangani Ose, director of The Showroom (London); Álvaro Rodríquez Fominaya, artistic director of C3A (Córdoba); and Sergio Rubira, a freelance curator.

The first project, entitled Contemplating an Unstable Surface and curated by Ignacio de Antonio Antón (Madrid, 1985) and Julián Pacomio (Mérida, 1986), is a show in which expanded practices of choreography, performance, cinema and the visual arts converge. It is also an unstable horizon, a flow of current and circulation, where choreography emerges in the relation with both the pieces and visitors to the exhibition, where the performance resides in the eye, in the inclination of your body as you focus your gaze.

The exhibition aims to create a landscape in conversation with national and international artists who have spent years exploring choreography and performativity—in the expanded sense—as part of their work.

The second project, Pasts-Presents for an Emotional Context, curated by the collective Conjuntos Empáticos [Sálvora Feliz (Ourense, 1986), Marta Benito (Madrid, 1993) and Noemí Díaz (Madrid, 1996)], approaches architecture as a social situation, as a mediator or interface between cultural and social reality. This serves as the premise for proposing an exhibition circumstance that features a series of works that were somehow ahead of their time, or at least ahead of the fleetingness with which we live, which automatically transported them to the past, almost as if they had extinguished before they were even completed. And yet, because of the situation we have endured this past year, they can now be recovered, demonstrating that past solutions are more present than ever.

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