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From 16 April to 15 June 2008


"It Will All End in Tears": Jesper Just

Room A, Room B, Room C

It Will All End in Tears is Jesper Just's (b. Copenhagen, 1974) first solo show in Spain. The title is one of the five films selected by curator Octavio Zaya (the other four are Bliss and Heaven, Some Draughty Window, Something to Love y A Vicious Undertow) for a show that explores the main themes of Jesper Just's work: gender as a social and cultural construct rather than a biological inevitability and generational issues, particularly in father-son relationships.

Just has altered the perspective from which many artists of his generation view the construction of the image. While the practice and aesthetic of contemporary video production generally focuses on the amateur and documentary genres, Jesper Just surprises us with his highly detailed creations, packed with cinematographic allusions and influences that are reflected in his use of lighting, his changes of perspective and his sensitive camera work. His films draw us into a world of fiction, of incomplete stories with no beginning or end, forever unfinished and eternally suggestive.

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