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From 18 September to 26 October 2008


Luis Bisbe: interiorismandexteriorism

Room A, Room B, Room C

Luis Bisbe: interiorismandexteriorism consists of two installations related to the basic architectural principle of the distinction between interior and exterior, which attempt to shatter this compartmentalisation and all that it implies: the interior is associated with protection, and protection in turn is associated with fear and insecurity.

Tearing down these boundaries, or at least challenging their suitability, is Bisbe's (b. Málaga, 1965) goal. Continuing in the line of his previous works, here he uses the existing space to generate a provisionally different use and introduce another order that underscores the rigid inflexibility of the previous order. Thus, we find an uprooted house in the middle of an exhibition hall, with its interior facing outwards, and a guardhouse keeping watch over the gallery's empty interior.

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