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From 20 April to 19 June


Marina González Guerreiro. Buen camino

Room A

Buen camino is the second scene of the curatorial journey Fantastic Interior, curated by Rafa Barber Cortell for Room A at La Casa Encendida. The work of Marina González Guerreiro (A Guarda, Galicia, 1992) focuses on the beauty of those mundane moments that impregnate our lives and form the invisible substance which fuels intimacy.

Like a person who finds something unexpected while rummaging through a drawer in search of something else, her work clings to that soft space where the vulnerable, the fragile and all the memories we never thought would someday come back to us exist.

For her project at La Casa Encendida, the artist presents a brand-new body of work in which she investigates the idea of transit, of transition, of getting on a track simply to walk it, of passing from winter to spring.

The entire project is a cosmos of little objects where each one is important and relies on the other, weaving a subtle harmony of tiles, ropes, puzzles, palm fronds and yellow flower petals. The intimacy of a room, of all the souvenirs of a lifetime we place on our shelves in an attempt to preserve the moments that accompanied them, will coexist in the gallery with a dreamlike universe where the artist imagines an outside world that takes us by the hand and walks us through the various stages of a journey riddled with stops, a game board full of squares. This series of works traces an exhibition itinerary with no fixed destination, no clear beginning or end. Yet this disorientation, far from disconcerting us, becomes a pleasurable experience in Marina’s hands, capable of crafting a serene uncertainty from objects imbued with good luck, trustworthy objects, works that forge ties and build bridges.

Marina González Guerreiro (A Guarda, Galicia, 1992) has a BFA from the University of Salamanca and a master’s in Artistic Production from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Adopting an installative approach to different media, such as sculpture, video, photography and painting, she inserts grand narratives in everyday life by subjectivising and re-signifying objects. Her creative process is based on the accumulation of materials, turning the studio into a testing ground where objects from an infinite variety of sources coexist in an intimate ritual. In her practice, we find a precious, painstakingly detailed refinement constructed of fragile and used materials, as well as the search for balance between order and chaos, control and chance. Some of her most recent solo shows have been Given Time at Intersticio (London, 2021), Una Promesa at Galería Rosa Santos (Valencia, 2020), LMXJVSD at Pols (Valencia, 2020), and Work Hard, Dream Big (Internet Moon Gallery, 2019).

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