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From 29 March to 12 June 2005


"Meanwhile": Iván Zulueta

Room D, Room E

Meanwhile presents two little-known facets of Iván Zulueta: his photographic work with Polaroid prints and his Super-8 videos.

The exhibition title refers to the parallel nature of these creations, developed while working on his other projects. The phrase mientras tanto (meanwhile) is reproduced on many of his Polaroid prints, like a partition curtain or transitional comic frame.

The series of Polaroid prints presented here is only part of Zulueta's prolific output, carefully arranged so as not to distort the author's intention, as he is keenly interested in the potential of these photographs to "construct" stories. Ultimately they become frozen images in an immense collection of trading cards or comic frames.

The exhibition design also reflects the obsessive, over-the-top quality of Zulueta's art and working method. For many years Iván Zulueta remained secluded in his home, and during that self-imposed exile he compulsively photographed the walls of his room and other objects, producing thousands of Polaroid prints.

The exhibition will later travel to the CCCB in Barcelona and Museo Patio Herreriano in Valladolid. 

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