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From 11 September to 01 November 2015


"Measuring the Distance": Gonzalo Lebrija

Room A, Room B, Room C

Curated by Humberto Moro, Measuring the Distance is Mexican artist Gonzalo Lebrija's first one-man show at a Spanish institution. His output encompasses a wide variety of creative languages: drawing, video, photography, sculpture, installation, etc.

The exhibition Measuring the Distance, curated by Humberto Moro and featuring the work of Gonzalo Lebrija (b. Mexico City, 1972), hinges on the composition of dialogues between pieces that were created during different periods. The show's title alludes to the basic human urge to quantify, but it also establishes a metaphorical connection to the mathematical principle of "N" as a supposition and "X" as an uncertainty. In this way, it attempts to measure the distance that exists between what is presumed or supposed to be and the unknown.

Time and its fragility are characteristic themes in Lebrija's work, which incorporates media such as drawing, video, photography, sculpture and installation. Lebrija uses his own body, skills and limitations as the raw material of his creative process.

Moreover, the relationship between the different media he uses and the speed and ease with which the artist leaps from one to another reveal the complexity of his production. The Mexican artist has made a name for himself on the international contemporary art scene, and this is his first solo show at a Spanish institution.

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