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From 18 June to 10 September 2019


El Muro: Ana Paes

Second floor


Visual artist Ana Paes has been hard at work in the laboratories at La Casa Encendida.

El Muro displays part of the results of her work in our laboratories, a place that brings people together and facilitates interactions which in turn stimulate photographic and audiovisual experimentation and research, not to mention learning processes that help to consolidate projects.

Origin, or when the tide ebbs

Notes for a final text.

Origin. A sheet of paper.
People can do whatever they want with it.
I record their gestures. I recognise some of them.

Rocks come to the surface.
Roots are left high and dry.
Everything is visible when the tide ebbs. Matter. Everyone chooses their own element. Bread.

There’s always toast in the larder. Dirt. We collect a bucketful from the pile in the garden.

All simultaneously fragmented and seamless. At home and across the ocean. We light a bonfire all those nights. And we laugh.

Trusting in a delirious process.
Taking a few steps back, doing a

Butes and diving into the abyss.
The abyss of oneself, of the ebbing tide.

Ana Paes

Ana Paes, A Guarda 1982

Galician visual artist based in Madrid. Her academic background in photography and film is linked to the research she has been doing with analogue techniques since 2011 in the Photography Lab at La Casa Encendida. Her work is marked by the quest for matter in the image itself, and her creative processes rely on the presence of nature and the symbolism of the elements. She was among the winners of the Género y Figura competition and participated in the VII Encontro de Artistas Novos. She has two self-published works, Ensaio II and Ser cuerpo.
Paes is currently in the final stages of her project Origen o cuando la marea baja [Origin, or when the tide ebbs], where she explores a new direction in the development of her visual language through the use of colour.

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