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From 05 March to 01 May


El Muro: Bam Bam

Second floor


Bam Bam, brought to you by CHICA for chicas and La Casa Encendida, is a project that aims to shine a spotlight on the presence of women and members of the LGBTQI+ community in music.

Through different workshops, weekly radio shows and an open-house day, we want to offer a showcase for sharing knowledge on different aspects of the music world.

The goal is to create a community of conscientious citizens who are willing to help shatter gender stereotypes in the music industry and want to acquire artistic and practical knowledge, learning lessons that they can internalise and then pass on to others, thereby increasing the power of collective action.


Sofía Conti, an Argentine DJ based in Madrid, has made her own name and brand of music by combining all the hottest genres: funk dance, cumbia, reggaeton, trap, and hybrid sounds. CHICA


Alba Loughlin has performed in Madrid’s most iconic venues and shared bills with artists of the stature of Sophie and Dinamarca. CHICA


One of the most fascinating voices out there today. She releases her music independently on social media. CHICA

Silvia Bianchi

Bianchi has more than ten years’ experience working in the field of communications and art direction. She teaches at the IED and works with artists like Sticky M.A. and C. Tangana.

Activities Personalized El Muro From 09 October 2018 to 01 May Open/close personalized
  • From 09 October 2018 to 05 January 2019
    El Muro. El Sombrero at La Casa: Mar Rodríguez
    Exhibitions El Muro. El Sombrero at La Casa: Mar Rodríguez

    Debajo del Sombrero was created in 2007 as an art platform modelled on European and American “supported studios”, (…)

  • From 21 January to 16 April 2019
    El Muro: Máquinas, by Alfonso Sánchez
    Exhibitions El Muro: Máquinas, by Alfonso Sánchez

    Taking an inclusive workshop with persons with mental disabilities as our starting point, we wanted to show the work (…)

  • From 18 June to 10 September 2019
    El Muro: Ana Paes
    Exhibitions El Muro: Ana Paes

    Visual artist Ana Paes has been hard at work in the laboratories at La Casa Encendida.

  • From 10 September to 31 October 2019
    El Muro: Alberto de Torres. Debajo del Sombrero
    Exhibitions El Muro: Alberto de Torres. Debajo del Sombrero

    This year IDEM, the International Performing Arts Festival, welcomes the work of Alberto de Torres (Madrid, 1974) (…)

  • From 04 December 2019 to 09 February
    El Muro. Una visita misteriosa
    Exhibitions El Muro. Una visita misteriosa

    El Muro is a showcase for projects created by the protagonists of many of the activities held in classrooms, labs, (…)

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