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From 21 January to 16 April 2019


El Muro: Máquinas, by Alfonso Sánchez

Second floor


Taking an inclusive workshop with persons with mental disabilities as our starting point, we wanted to show the work produced by artist Alfonso Sánchez at El Muro.

At La Casa Encendida, we’re committed to achieving universal accessibility in as many of our programmes as possible, so everyone can participate in the activities and enjoy the services we offer.

In 2009, the Photography Lab at La Casa Encendida added a new programme of inclusive education and events to its activities: a way of getting people with disabilities involved in the photographic process while also introducing them to the amazing creative, communicative and experimental possibilities of both chemical and digital photography.

Since then, people with and without disabilities have shared a space for experimenting, sharing and growing together on a personal and artistic level, thereby achieving a truly inclusive environment.

Alfonso Sánchez Hidalgo (Madrid, 1971) has a passion for new technology, machines and the mechanisms that operate them. With no academic training or experience in the art world, Alfonso ventured into the bowels of La Casa Encendida to look at the machines that keep it functioning every day. The result is a series of photographs that show pipes, mixing consoles and keyboards, revealing the hidden world of devices, their movements and colours, where mechanisms seem to come to life.

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