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From 09 October 2018 to 05 January


El Muro. El Sombrero at La Casa: Mar Rodríguez

Second floor


El Muro. El Sombrero at La Casa: Mar Rodríguez

Debajo del Sombrero was created in 2007 as an art platform modelled on European and American “supported studios”, where artists with mental disabilities are able to work with assistance. Artist Mar Rodríguez, a member of this collective, has been invited to inaugurate El Muro.

Rather than maintaining its own venue, Debajo del Sombrero organises workshops at different spaces, including, since 2008, La Casa Encendida. This interactive system is a key ingredient in the unique experience of this project, putting it in contact with the latest models of solidarity and the arts to show that different approaches can coexist and be mutually enriched.

Sombrero workshops are basically about deducing and accompanying signs, indications of life, letting them speak visually and, if possible, helping them to become something more: artistic language, artwork.


Mar Rodríguez, Madrid, 1970

Mar’s drawings have the charm inspired by the sight of a repeated static element that gives the impression of movement. It is the rhythmic secret of tapestry.

Soft clouds of trees swell up, sensual and bright, leaning as if swayed by a gentle wind inside the picture. The floral print below is a serial motif whose motionless repetition confuses and arrests our gaze.

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