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From 26 June to 22 September 2013


Pedestrian Graphics

Room D, Room E

This exhibition, featuring the graphic work of artists and collectives related to the act of walking, is part of the "I Walk, Therefore I Exist" programme, a series of activities organised by the pedestrian association A PIE.

The actions, urban histories and social maps presented in this show explore other ways of using and organising the public space, of interacting with its inhabitants and of seeing the landscape around us.

Conceived and first exhibited by Fundación Cristina Enea in Donostia-San Sebastián, the show has been adapted for the city of Madrid by the pedestrian association A PIE.

Walking is the primary way of getting about the city and gives meaning to the public urban space, despite the automotive invasion that has taken place over the last half century.
Friction between motorists, pedestrians and the city has inspired certain citizens to demand a public space where they can walk, play and converse: a public space for everyone, not just vehicles.

This exhibition takes a closer look at pedestrians, their desires and demands, their images and the place they occupy within the city.

The A PIE association, which organises the "I Walk, Therefore I Exist" series of which this show is a part, was formed in 1995 with the primary goal of putting pedestrians on the city's social and political agenda—in other words, with the aim of pushing different social organisations and political parties to factor pedestrian needs into their proposals and initiatives.

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