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From 24 May to 08 September 2013


People Have the Power. Curator: Luisa Espino

Room A, Room B, Room C

Based on the testimony of artists and collectives from different disciplines, this project dissects the contents of a demonstration, identifying its lead actors, the props they use and the stage on which they act, and emphasising the value of the public space as a place of exchange where these actions become visible.

Since the days of the Situationist International, artists have regarded walking or moving around the city as a critical tool. Mobility is a condition intrinsic to modern daily life, and the street has become the natural stage on which socio-political conflicts and new social changes play out. In this setting, demonstrations have become one of the fastest-growing phenomena in recent years. There are an ever-greater number of causes that unite citizens around the world and make them take to the streets: climate change, the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Indignados or 15-May movement, the Arab Spring and now the marches to protest spending cuts in countries afflicted by the financial crisis and the measures introduced to deal with it.


  • DosJotas
  • Ed Hall
  • Nicoline van Harskamp
  • Sharon Hayes
  • noaz
  • Oliver Ressler
  • Superflex
  • Todo por la praxis

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