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From 04 November 2005 to 05 January 2006



Room A, Room B, Room C

In Plagiarism, the curators Jordi Costa and Alejandro Mendíbil use the Comte de Lautréamont as a pretext for presenting their take on the construction of modernity as a constant work-in-the-making. In a lengthy, diachronic itinerary, they try to explain how our culture has always grown by building on its own manifestations, through the act of copying (essential for learning), alluding to a master we want to honour, or even creating sequels to prolong the life of a character that fans don't want to stop reading about.

The exhibition reflects that referential intertextuality through a series of quotes and allusions that use Don Quixote as an example, beginning with Cervantes himself and his narrator-as-intermediary and continuing with Avellaneda and Borges's Menard.

The artists Dani Montlleó, Tim Maloney, El Perro, John Waters, Quim Tarrida, Artemi Narro and David Domingo explore trends based on the facsimile as a past and present reflection of our culture, where duplicity is a ubiquitous presence

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