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31 May 2014


Precarious C.U.P.: Practical Handbook for the Precarious Being. Paula Cueto

Tower 1

Paula Cueto invites us to participate in a circuit-competition where we can think in motion about the working world and how it is related to emotions: a half-playful, half-theatrical investigation that questions the subjectivising processes of capitalist logics.

Paula Cueto was trained in the performing arts and earned a degree in philosophy, a background which has allowed her to pursue critical and practical research into those political and social issues that concern her as a citizen. By creating tension between tools of both disciplines, these are overwhelmed and take on new dimensions and potentialities. Cueto is currently developing methods for "thinking in motion" about a non-theatrical community, exploring the possibility of other forms of knowledge that underscore the value of the materiality of our subjectivities and biographies. This is her way of attempting to confront some of the problems that plague our contemporary societies and, by exposing the self-interested strategies that make them seem unsolvable to us, she invites us to experiment with new agencies.

Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis. Capacity: 10 people per session. Three 40-minute sessions.


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