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From 21 October 2008 to 04 January 2009


Reflections of Contemporary India

Room D, Room E

Reflections of Contemporary India introduces us to four artists whose work is essential for deciphering and comprehending the vast range of representations and forms of expression found in India: Sheela Gowda (b. Bhadravati, 1957), Amar Kanwar (b. Delhi, 1964), N. S. Harsha (b. Mysore, 1969) and Anup Mathew Thomas (b. Kochi, 1977), who have made a name for themselves in international art circles using different approaches and media—installation, video, painting and photography. All of them live and work in India, and their art reflects the conflicts they perceive in their country, which are also shared by today's world: issues like violence, cultural identity, gender problems and emigration.

The existence of different communities, religions and social and artistic manifestations in India, as well as the dichotomies of past and present, tradition and modernity, are all represented in these artists' work.

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