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From 22 April to 13 June 2010



Room A, Room B, Room C

SOUnd ART is the first exhibition devoted exclusively to this artistic practice in Madrid. The show explores new sound-related practices and research into new sound forms in connection with cinema and the visual and performing arts, disciplines that have always been an important part of the activities programmed at La Casa Encendida.

The exhibition is ground zero for the SOUnd ART programme, which presented a series of off-site interventions (concerts, performances, screenings, audiovisual documentation, workshops and sessions) in the vicinity of Madrid’s old astronomical observatory and in the Lavapiés district, featuring the work of over 50 Spanish and international artists.

Participating artists include Ryoji Ikeda, Carsten Nicolai, Angela Bulloch, Andrés Ramírez Gavira, Jason Kahn, Minoru Sato, Chris Watson, Llorenç Barber, Katja Köle, Martin Riches & Masahiro Miwa, Steve Roden, José Iges/Concha Jerez, Dan St. Clair, Dawn Scarfe and Escoitar.org. 

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