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From 17 May to 20 August 2013


"Stereo-fem-types" exhibition

Room A, Room B, Room C

Stereo-fem-types is a group exhibition that shines the spotlight on a group of renowned female illustrators, using children's illustrations to convey a message of social awareness and sensitivity to gender equality.

On 22 and 23 June, the Terrace will be closed for maintenance work.

This exhibition pays tribute to the artistic discipline on which the project is based and to illustration, a field in which female artists abound. Stereo-fem-types is constructed from the testimony of real children and the impressions of boys and girls we spoke with about everyday situations where gender roles come into play.

By seeing the world through the honest, straightforward eyes of children, we perceive the prototypes and roles of conduct and concepts that are learned by imitation and commonly accepted in our society. The aim is to offer an objective, sensitive, personal vision of the reality around us, far removed from statistics, figures and analyses, to point out all those forms of inequality that often go unnoticed, but also to show how far we have come on the road to equality.


  • Elisa Arguilé
  • Cecilia Afonso Esteves
  • Patricia Garrido
  • Mónica Gutiérrez Serna
  • Violeta Lópiz
  • Ximena Maier
  • Raquel Marín
  • Rocío Martínez
  • Patricia Metola
  • Rosa Osuna
  • Claudia Ranucci
  • Natascha Rosenberg
  • Noemí Villamuza

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