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From 09 October 2009 to 05 January 2010


“The Subjecters”: Thomas Hirschhorn

Room A, Room B, Room C

The Subjecters, an exhibition featuring the work of Paris-based Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn (b. Bern, 1957), presents eight sculpture-installations with one common denominator: the use of mannequins.

Thomas Hirschhorn's art is an engaged reflection on contemporary reality. Working with different media such as sculpture, video and installation, Hirschhorn has developed an oeuvre imbued with social and political criticism. He uses ordinary materials like adhesive tape, cardboard, plastic sheets, photocopies or, in this case, mannequins to represent universal situations in a direct, transgressive way.

References to fashion, art, politics and philosophy are paradoxically intertwined in his creations. Hirschhorn designs his work according to the space for which it is intended: "altars" and "monuments" in the street as tributes to his favourite philosophers, or sculptures for museums and art centres.

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