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From 26 October 2006 to 07 January 2007


Tissue (Osseous, Architectural, Pictorial)

Room A, Room B, Room C

Tissue (Osseous, Architectural, Pictorial) juxtaposes images generated by science, painting and architecture in order to analyse forms as a source of knowledge: the forms of bone tissue, which contain the mysteries of human evolution; architectural forms, the reflection of historical and social progress; and pictorial forms, which enlighten us on spiritual matters.

Underscoring the time factor, curators Carmen Buró and Juan Luis Moraza orchestrate a dialogue between three different generations of artists/researchers. The field of biomolecular palaeoanthropology is represented by Timothy Bromage, Alejandro Pérez Ochoa, Ana Boyde and Anxo Vidal; architecture by Miguel Fisac, Federico Soriano and Izaskun Chinchilla; and painting by Luis Gordillo, Darío Urzay and Daniel Verbis. 

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