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From 03 to 05 January 2014



Room D, Room E

VOLUME! invites us to take an unconventional tour that does not aspire to tout the merits of hearing as an alternative way of knowing the world to the detriment of the other senses.

Instead, the experience urges us to become more aware of our hearing and listening powers so that we can perceive our daily reality in a different way and perhaps even be inspired to change it. An activity for groups accompanied by a dynamic mediator, this itinerary divided into different sections explores how sound connects our consciousness to the outside world. The tour revolves around works, located in different spaces at La Casa Encendida, by artists like EVOL, Pablo Sanz, Rubén Patiño and Mikel R. Nieto.

  • Yo sónico [I Sonic]. Courtyard
The first stop on the tour takes us back to the early stages of life in which sound, present even then, is able to create a bond between two people and the reality around them.
  • Los límites del oído [The Ear's Limits]. Screening Room
EVOL invites us to participate in an experience that will reveal the limitations of our own ears in terms of audible frequency range and timescale. Meanwhile, Pablo Sanz will give us a chance to hear sounds that would otherwise completely escape our notice.
  • Espacio acústico [Acoustic Space]. Second-floor corridors
Our hearing apparatus is able to identify the position of audible objects and perfect our spatial orientation. Rubén Patiño has devised a playful proposal where sound opens up a field of interaction while also revealing how it envelops, shapes and defines space.
  • Shhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Second-floor workroom
Every sound is an attempt to occupy space. Striving to make itself heard above all other noises proves that sound has power. With the help of a sound level meter, this section will explore noise regulation policies, for even silence can be a form of violence.

La escucha aumentada [Augmented Listening]. Tower 1
The last stop on this tour delves into the concept of the soundscape, where enveloping sounds weave a continuous musical composition in which we all participate. Mikel R. Nieto will give a mini-concert for headphones, using sound footage from field recordings as his starting point.

Activities ¡VOLUMEN! Festival de culturas sonoras From 02 December 2013 to 05 January 2014 Open/close

Venta de entradas desde tres días antes de cada evento en cajeros de la red Caja Madrid, www.entradas.com, en el teléfono 902 488 488 y en La Casa Encendida, de 10.00 a 15.00 y de 17.00 a 21.45 horas.

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