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From 04 to 28 May 2017

Exhibitions, Performances

Transmissions from the Etherspace

Courtyard, Room A, Room B, Room C, Room D, Room E


Sophia Al-Maria, Nina Beier, Hicham Berrada, Joana Escoval, Celia Hempton, Shahryar Nashat, Andrew Norman Wilson, Eddie Peake, Jacolby Satterwhite, Pepo Salazar and Emily Wardill.

Curated by João Laia, Transmissions from the Etherspace plunges us into a performative experience that analyses the different layers and interconnections which exist in contemporary culture, a physical exploration of the friction between tangible and intangible reality and the tension this produces in the makeup of our present-day society.

Transmissions from the Etherspace investigates themes like our tactile relationship with images, new forms of affective representation, circulation, consumption and commodification, desire, identity and sexuality, as well as the technology economy's growing reliance on natural resources or the effects of invisible labour and new forms of work.

The exhibition Transmissions from the Etherspace also branches out into more speculative territory, using the concept of the dark web to explore unconscious forces, spirituality, the creation of myths, and the control and surveillance exerted by artificial intelligence and algorithms as ghostly, defiant beings.

For this occasion, La Casa Encendida has become a polyhedral interface where different themes overlap and mingle, creating cross-contamination between the physical space and the artworks that exposes the dissonant chords which technology has introduced into our daily routines and experiences.

Like a data cloud, Transmissions from the Etherspace flows and changes shape, generating a queer space-time network where streams of information converge and alchemical transformations take place.

Schedule of performances

  • Th04 - 8:30 pm. Présage: Hicham Berrada and Laurent Durupt
Hicham Berrada's work combines intuition, knowledge, poetry and science. During the performance, the artist will pour different chemicals into glass jars, and their compositions and reactions will be filmed live and enlarged on a screen as Laurent Durupt composes different sounds to accompany them.

  • Fr05 - 9 pm. Corpsing: Eddie Peake in collaboration with Emma Fisher, Gwilym Gold and Kieram Corrin Mitchell
    Eddie Peake's work focuses on the lapses and voids that emerge in the process of translating between verbal language and non-verbal forms of communication. That research materialises in spectacles where the absurd and the erotic each find their place and in which the artist plays a central role.

  • Sa06 - 9 and 9:30 pm. Living Metals: Joana Escoval and Robin Watkins with The Luminiferous Aether
    Living Metals, Joana Escoval's small-scale sculptures, will physically engage the audience in an immersive sound experience, The Luminiferous Aether, consisting of Robin Watkins's field recordings of solar radiation signals accompanied by a projection.

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