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From 19 October 2006 to 07 January 2007


Visions of Guadarrama: Miguel Ángel Blanco and the Pioneers of the Sierra

Room D, Room E

With his project Biblioteca del bosque [Forest Library], Miguel Ángel Blanco has documented the Sierra de Guadarrama, paying tribute to this mountain landscape and presenting his creations alongside different visions of the same territory as portrayed by 19th-century Spanish landscape painters:  Martin Rico, Carlos de Haes, Jaime Morera, Aureliano Brunete, Juan Espina y Capó and Joaquín Sorolla, whose works offer a panoramic view of how the landscape genre evolved over time.

Certain destinies are linked to a place, a landscape. When observing, describing and trying to interpret a territory become an obsession, it indicates a relationship much deeper than the mere representation of landscape. Miguel Ángel Blanco has managed to understand the landscape as cultural heritage. 

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