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From 17 March to 04 July 2005


"The Voice Alone: Sculptures, Drawings and Works for Radio": Juan Muñoz

Room A, Room B, Room C

The Voice Alone: Sculptures, Drawings and Works for Radio illustrates artist Juan Muñoz's specific interest in the medium of sound, particularly radio broadcasts.

Throughout his career, that interest in sound gave rise to collaborations with the musicians Gavin Bryars and Alberto Iglesias, and with the writer John Berger he developed a more performative piece designed for a live audience. At the same time, this interest was conveyed in reverse in drawings or sculptures in which the acts of emitting and hearing sounds and words were constituent elements. Individuals opening their mouths to make sounds or whispering to each other, frozen in time; abandoned drums that can no longer be played: in Muñoz's work, sound is made present through it absence.

While the exhibition is open, three of these sound actions will be performed with the help of his original collaborators (A Man in a Room Gambling in collaboration with Gavin Bryars, A Registered Patent: A Drummer inside a Rotating Box in collaboration with Alberto Iglesias and John Malkovich, and Will It Be a Likeness? in collaboration with John Berger).

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